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lirik lagu kanye west – bound 2 (mixed)


[intro: brenda lee]
uh~huh, honey

[chorus: kanye west, ponderosa twins plus one & brenda lee]
all them other n~ggas lame, and you know it now
when a real n~gga hold you down, you s’posed to drown
(bound to fall in love)
(b~b~b~b~bound to fall in love)
uh~huh, honey

[verse 1: kanye west]
what you doin’ in the club on a thursday?
she say she only here for her girl birthday
they ordered champagne but still look thirsty
rock forever 21, but just turned thirty
i know i got a bad reputation
walk~around~always~mad reputation
leave~a~pretty~girl~sad reputation
start a fight club, brad reputation
i turnt the nightclub out of the bas~m~nt
i’ll turn the plane around, your ass keep complainin’
how you gon’ be mad on vacation?
dutty wining ’round all these jamaicans
uh, this that prom sh~t
this that what~we~do~don’t~tell~your~mom sh~t
this that red~cup~all~on~thе~lawn sh~t
got a fresh cut, straight out the salon, straight out the sal—

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