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lirik lagu hiddenxhild – temper


“you ain’t no f-ckin’ lyricist”
they said, “n-gg- you ain’t sh-t!”
they had tried to put me down
when they knew i had a gift
swear it didn’t make no sense
told em’ it would get intense
you’re bl–dy so you need a rinse
in your head i see a gash or a dent
i’ma pull your organs out
stomp your corpse, then i dip
flip the script, it’s some sh-t i had to dish
they were on some foolish sh-t
i bloodied his f-ckin lip
wishing i had a clip
so these n-gg-s wouldn’t live
foreign car do the dash, hoe i drift
who the motherf-ck
do this n-gg- think he is?
at this time, i been wishing i had the clip
i plotted on buying it
swear it’s the devil that’s inside
know he loves to take control
their asking “are you in the illuminati?”
sh-t like that
and “did you sell your f-ckin’ soul?”
that is in my mind
so quit asking me questions
they said i wouldn’t accomplish
but motherf-cker
i’m destined