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lirik lagu unotheactivist – come clean


everybody know that imma win like charlie sheen
that b-tch wanna f-ck me cause she see me in her dream
imma come clean n-gg- all i drink is lean
if you bring my lean just make sure my sh-t come clean
if you hit my dope be sure you know my sh-t come clean
acting like you know me when you don’t n-gg- come clean
imma come clean mix saint laurent with my ‘preme
i be drinking lean just make sure my sh-t come clean

no this ain’t the usual kickin’ sh-t like [?]
i got square like cubicle and i’m stuck in a studio
n-gg- who you foolin’ yeah we [?] like a bully hoe
n-gg- who you foolin’ you got your flat from the beauty store
n-gg- who you foolin’ i walk around with my toolie though
and i swear these hoes boring and they are groupie hoes yeah
and i swear all my diamonds they look like good to go yeah
and your diamonds they hide and they be like peek a boo yeah
wait d-mn
all of my sh-t was shine
i hit that hoe from behind
i hit that back like rewind yeah
i’m in the back like recline yeah
all of my b-tches are fine yeah
all of my b-tches are mine yeah
you cannot get none of mine yeah
and i put that on my life yeah
ak it came with a knife yeah
i might take a n-gg- life yeah
i might take a n-gg- wife yeah
but i only want one night yeah
imma p-ss her to the right yeah
look at the lean sit on ice yeah
i just wanna be just like “ight” yeah
all of my diamonds are bright
all of these hoes wanna bite
all of these b-tches wanna fight for me
all these hoes once in my life
little bit better think twice
little bit better roll the dice
oh it’s good that you tried
i’m balling you still at the wire
i know my hoe was a liar
but you know i am so fly
and she know my diamonds so bright that you can see up in the dark with no light
and she know all of my money double up so she know it’s right in her mind
and she know i keep a double cup
i put that lean in my sprite