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lirik lagu heartbreakkiddd – rebel/minded


look how far we done came
lotta people fade
i watch them wash away like the rain
feel i been a betrayed
who said that love can come with some pain?
or ignorance and innocence is really one and the same ?
we the been the key
to break the locks of the game
we not blood but family
and i take that to grave
hated now they won’t make it to lane switching
my heart gated
block out intruders like caged fеnces
kiddd been insane
in case thеy saying i changed n~gga
like the ones that’s in my class
went from p~ssy
to gang member
call me prophet or a savior
either way it the same difference
get closer to my dreams
but emotions still stayed distant
with the pen & pad
my lyrics can paint pictures
he be lying
he ain’t realer
don’t ever say can’t n~gga
don’t be afraid
i’m facing all my fears
with a dank swishers
made a strong alliance
rebels is coming to shake n~ggas
with rhythm
and this flow
i need a fix of ya love
you leaving had left me broke
maybe i need a hug
just give me a ounce of hope
making sure they coming back
i been giving these n~ggas dope
without a boat
music keep me afloat
doubting me
easy l
questioning is there heaven
cause i been going through h~ll
teaching but i ain’t preaching
a reverend’s job is to sale
you on a paradise
but to make it there you can’t live
~tupac interview

now i ain’t knocking no religion
i’m just thinking different
only get like this when i be drinking
f~ck is he been sipping
anyway my day to day
of smoking weed
and f~cking b~tches
probably leave her life in disarray
from straying from commitment
still, i couldn’t fight the feeling
i felt like a piece was missing
got a piece of p~ssy from a b~tch that i shouldn’t even mention
thinking with my flesh got me here from the f~cking beginning
f~ck it i’m off of the sinning
n~gga let talk about grinding
practice gone show you the ropes
but gotta lock in on yo timing
i still be thinking bout diamonds
be blinding
told me that i gotta go be something
look at me granny i’m shining
hop on a track with alignment
i understood the assignment
slow it down for n~ggas in the back
have you ever heard a compliment
and now you feel attacked?
i be hitting hoes with rubbers
when my feelings ain’t attached
i be questioning support
i’m like who really got my back
they ain’t f~ck with back then
and they saying that i’m hot now
my spirit needs a purge
been had my energy on lockdown
i caught a rush
the first time that i heard the way guns sound
now vehicles approach
they liable to get shot down
i ain’t on a block
i’m feeling like my time out
i got my eye on police and they n~ggas in my hometown
need justice for this summer heat cause my n~ggas wins low
they treat the streets like halloween and make n~ggas get ghosts



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