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lirik lagu head hunchoo – swimming with sharks


f~ck the cops , masked up
b~tch you i be strapped
100 rounds, 100 guns
we a blow off ya cap
this b~tch a make ya brain splat
chasing clout, its a wrap
i thought i told you p~ssy n~ggas
hunchoo gang on the map
waddup its bussin
my n~ggas up to something
we strapped up like some russians
bang it out
b~tch ain’t no tussling
100k up in this duffle
n~ggas snakes
no i can’t trust’em
b~tch im clutching
i ain’t lying
n~ggas dying b~tch
you speak on me
we buck’em
they know speaking facts
you hear it in my voice
n~gga is you down wit gang
you better make a choice
dont know which one to drive
the maybac or the royce
this 30 shot glock
i bet it make some noise
hunchoo gang b~tch til i die
15 deep, b~tch we gon slide
you can run , but you can’t hide
you ain’t bout it p~ssy, n~gga stay inside
light the wood, im in this b~tch
blamming sh~t, let 4nem drive
ceo im bossed up, big racks
lil n~gga bet not try
(chorus x2)
play wit me we let it spark
holo’s hit you like dart
what you need girl i got it
throw that sh~t up in the cart
f&ns, smith & wessons
demons come out in the dark
hunchoo gang what i bang
b~tch you swimming wit some sharks

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