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lirik lagu boy blue – ​pink feather


[verse 1: boyblue]
you should’ve seen what we saw (feathers)
ass up and down like a seesaw (h~lla glitter)
quarter ounces in a civic (pop a molly)
so i’m smoking out these b~tches (come and get her)
talking pink feather, h~lla glitter, pop a molly
and now she dancing like a stripper, come and get her

[verse 2: boyblue]
i might fly to cali’ for the kush that keep me calm
i keep it heavy with the bass
i’m stayin’ sweaty in my palms
about time that i’m saying what i want (yeah)
blue turn into yellow, i got a biscuit in my trunk
so don’t ya sh~t your trunks
(pink feathers, h~lla glitter, pop a molly)

[verse 3: heylog]
i had to write this quick, i’m feeling all the pressure
don’t wanna hеar your lecture
herе is my impression
screaming at the top of my lungs
’cause i’ve been
i’ve been talking too much
yeah, i know you won’t get me
everybody’s in first gear while i keep shifting
black eyes, dark souls
as i’m moving swiftly
disgust is in the air, please don’t touch me

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