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lirik lagu harle – ​tourist


[verse 1: harle]
b~tch, i get the work and start doubling
f~ck school, i would rather stack and be hustling
scamming sh~t so i can see my bro and she dancing
you a f~cking fairy up on tiktok, boy, you prancing
you don’t move weight, you a status fantastic
you never seen a brick since eleven, i been at it
never knew peace, b~tch, i grew up around addicts
delivery man riding with that all white package
i grew up in the trap boy, you just a f~cking tourist
i told him whip the pot, now he staring at me clueless
sh~t not for show and my brothers been through this
i don’t got no fear, b~tch, i walk around toolless
i could never trust another ho, they be choosing
got this b~tch with braces, told her suck it, don’t chew it

[verse 2: kyo]
punch in, n~gga, i don’t need a note pad
and this ho call me a narcissist, like ho, you ain’t think i know that?
put a scope on the chopper, tunnel vision like i’m kodak
and we got the f~cking drop, i’m like where the f~ck my bros at?
seeing blue and green like led, money come my way
push up, applying pressure, now p~ssy don’t got sh~t to say
don’t you try and fit in with gang, you get turned to play
i don’t do that friendly sh~t, b~tch, you cannot be my bae
cut the grass low, n~gga, i don’t deal with snakes
been a couple years, y’all n~ggas catch up like pick up the pace
clean up crew on his body, n~gga, we don’t leave no trace
hispanic mami looking s~xy, trying to get a taste

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