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lirik lagu acid souljah – conflicting anger


you’re tuned into a kenopro79 production (bababooey)
p~p~paulie! i won 40 dollars at keno
you’ve got mail

i get on this beat and i’m mad as f~ck
they like “why you so mad? bro, you based as f~ck.”
i said “don’t get me started, i’mma k!ll you!”
the basedgod in my ear tryna stop me
the basedgod like “acid you too crazy. you need to chill out”
i said “bro i don’t give a f~ck on my head i’m finna bug out!”
i’m hearing voices like i’m schizophrenic
i’ve been on these drugs all week
i don’t think that you would get it
i just took a x pill that was shaped like reddit
i just took a x pill shaped like stewie griffin
i’ve been chillin with my dogs [?] brian griffin
i’m high as f~ck on the plane watching family guy
i’m mad as f~ck cause they don’t got free wi~fi
i got on the plane, they had free wi~fi
but it disconnect every other second
i’m mad as f~ck, i just wanna send a text message
f~ck the tsa they always p~ss me off (soevilboys)
and f~ck my teachers too, they always p~ss me off
and i just quit my job cause that sh~t p~ss me off
paulie! i won 40 dollars at keno

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