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lirik lagu grindhard e & tony rose – flint to lansing pt. 4


[intro: tony rose]
(enrgy made this one)
lil’ more energy
huh, huh

[verse 1: tony rose]
man, what the h~ll?
don’t worry ’bout me and your b~tch, i don’t f~ck and tell
fiend walked in and passed out, must’ve been the smell
i don’t swipe, but my n~gga do, he’ll punch your bail
you ain’t never sold dope or touched a scale
my n~gga made a wrong play, now he stuck in jail
on the plane with a pint of lean, i snuck in a twelve
my b~tch got a fat ass, she can’t tuck her tail

[verse 2: grindhard e]
i knew the fiend was about to od ’cause she said farewell
if i tell you all the sh~t i did, it’d sound like a fairytale
i’ll pay to get my og out, he ever get a bail
my plug don’t cop weed by the ‘bows, he get ’em by the bale
it’s a bird on a plane, not a snake, he got flew in the mail
did some hot sh~t, dodged the hook, made a play by the jail
ig [?][0:35] the haters watchin’, probably hate i won’t fail
if i gotta slide, i’m doin’ it by myself ’cause i know he won’t tell

[verse 3: tony rose]
mm, i’m just gettin’ started
i’m high as h~ll, but i still won’t miss my target
i ain’t signin’ no deal, i’m a different artist
got into it with a rap n~gga, now it’s a missing artist
[verse 4: grindhard e]
these rap n~ggas tryna steal my flow, need to charge ’em for larceny
seven phones on fire, they gon’ probably try to charge me for arson
head back into the jungle, i gotta live, i feel like i’m tarzan
had a clear pop, we pour light, but we turned it darkskin

[verse 5: tony rose]
it’s an arm and a leg for an ounce of red
n~gga tried to play with my drank, now he pr~nounced dead
shot the crib up, now everybody in the house dead
my b~tch say i’m a cheater, but i don’t count head

[verse 6: grindhard e]
i ain’t got beef with n0body, all my opps dead
had to take my phone to the trap ’cause the block dead
police pull me over doin’ five over, they say [?][1:14]
my n~gga got straight out the feds from locked up and bought a drophead

[verse 7: tony rose]
n~gga want a verse, but he came with the wrong number
made a bad play, now he broke for the whole summer
got a b~tch from ot, she a road runner
brought her ass to the trap and the stove burned her

[verse 8: grindhard e]
i knew he wasn’t tryna shop, he asked my price, gave him the wrong number
messy b~tch tried to call my phone, gave her the wrong number
the draco made out of metal, but the handle lumber
i been sh~ttin’ for so long, i backed the toilet up, i’ma need a plunger
[verse 9: tony rose]
i been playin’ with the work, i got dry hands
n~gga run up, he might die, it’s a high chance
i keep a stick like a blind man
that n~gga left quick, i had a gun in my right hand

[verse 10: grindhard e]
n~gga play with me, subtracted years from his lifespan
if you book grindhard and it’s ghost, you got the right plan
told my b~tch she was dealin’ with a boy, she got the right man
i’ll never use a promag, ’cause it might jam

[verse 11: tony rose]
oh, you wanna take it there?
shoot a n~gga, then beat his ass, i ain’t playin’ fair
my b~tch ass soft like baby hair
told my fiend, “go around the corner, don’t pay me here”

[verse 12: grindhard e]
seen a big n~gga and had my heat on me, i told him stay right there
a n~gga touch me, he gon’ d~i~e, i hope i made that clear
promethazine with codeine only come from usa, they only make it here
got k!llers everywhere, a n~gga got a problem ot, he won’t make it here

[verse 13: tony rose]
n~ggas hot as h~ll
weighin’ up when i’m drivin’, almost drop the scale
i heard you don’t move sh~t, you got a lot for sale
my n~gga got caught and snitched, he still gon’ rot in jail
[verse 14: grindhard e]
nine times out of ten, if you see me with some drank, then it’s not for sale
you hear a different ringtone on my phone, it’s the plug, it was not a sale
they almost thought the police did it, he was shot by twelve
we done probably gave out more sh~lls than taco bell

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