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lirik lagu gavin castleton – dipping


i left my keys in the door
like a hundred times before
but n0body laughed or scolded me
‘cause someone lost his family
and the holes and the stains
where your pictures used to hang
cast a brutal constellation on the walls

and it’s so quiet in here
i haven’t heard this in years
it’s a blank(er) kind of sp~ce
when i pick my own paint

just five forks
in the drawer
got the old plates out of storage
and i laid these brand new floors
even though i can’t afford them
i can pick up and go
drive across the country slow
you keep saying how your friends are so “supportive”

and it’s cold but i leave windows open
so’s to sweep out the smell of our broken love
the dog keep an orbit
and the plants lean ever towards me
saying, “don’t forget us”
begging, “don’t forget us”
“we hope you won’t forget us when you’re gone”
each new day is a bit
of unburdening myself
saying, “this is not my problem anymore”
and i don’t run ‘round the house turning off the bedroom lights
and i never have to close the bathroom door

it’s a freedom that stings
i don’t need all these things
i just wanna be clean in my head

so i write these new songs
that you’ll never want to hear
even though they’re what you asked for
well no—everything you feared

and the love in these words
may seem new or poorly timed
if you only measure love
by the holes it leaves behind

now i’m urgent about every tender moment
i record them for later when i’m hopeless
i try to give you some final kind of pleasure
like my trash could be someone else’s treasure

‘cause this may be the last wiggly mountain
and this may be the last piano lesson
and this may be the last time you call me “baby”
as we sunset the language of our family
this process fills my heart and breaks it
at the same time
so don’t forget me
baby, don’t forget me
please don’t forget us when you’re gone