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lirik lagu fucksnowrr – outta town wit 24


d~mn, what

glock on me, i can’t go out bad
do anything just to get to the bag
i do anything and it’s making n~ggas mad
i really don’t read but i empty out the mag
shout out to n~ggas that’s living by their facts
can’t wear ksuuvi jeans, how the f~ck could i sag
the sound of these n~ggas, i feel like i’m the dad
glock get a box and it’s giving out jabs

shoutout osyris, he can’t put you on
i’m serving the [?] and it don’t need a [?]
if you not with gang, you can’t get along

and if you an opp, we can’t get along
that b~tch she a thot, stop calling my phone
these n~ggas be bots, i’m calling them clones
no i’m calling them drones

back to back foreigns, we pulling up [?]
b~tch i hop out with switch and i crack at the door
i’m smoking exotic, it’s fresh out the [?]
she stick her tongue at me, she a rolling stone
give me a two~liter, pour a four
declining that phone cuz that b~tch a ho
flushing that pack, the feds at the door
i~i’m outta town, i’m with 24
i’m outta town, i’m with 24
i~i~i’m outta town, i’m with 2~
i’m outta town~
i~i~i’m outta town, i’m with 24~4
(corazón) i’m outta town, i’m with 24
i’m outta town, i’m with 2~

(3bands in this b~tch)

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