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lirik lagu ericthehammer – curve ball bunting (take 2)


[verse 1: ericthehammer]
she said i think i’m in love i said b-tch what you talkin bout
am i going deaf or maybe this weed’s just really loud
did you say what i think you said
you want me to f-ck the same p-ssy until i’m dead
i already wanted that with someone else
a ginga could die in that p-ssy, that’s how it felt
venting in these songs, i don’t need help
made contact with god and on one knee i knelt
he said thou must achieve what you desire
and let the devil know you’re not for hire
and keep going even though you’re tired
and if they say they know me, just know they’re a liar
have you ever been with a girl that’s a crier
in that case just shed the weight and elevate higher
always moving forward, that need is dire
beyond everything, i wish to inspire
love yourself first, save the rest for later
you never know who could be an undercover hater
figure out if to your requirements they cater
pay attention to how they handle their paper
i’m so high i’m smoking with the gods
they say i’m the first, what are the odds
they say it’s because i don’t put on a facade
they said it’s because i know how to make every girl want my rod
piece this sh-t together
always getting better
like a book i read her
hit it then dead her
flow so focused
opposite of bogus
this that hocus pocus
i don’t know how i wrote this
ima short ginger with a beard
who lives without fear
who knows where to steer
and who will eat your girl’s rear
sharp enough to cut gl-ss
yes i said i eat -ss
i know when to f-ck fast
and still do it with cl-ss
ima be a legend
you may call me reverend
pathway to heaven
notice the silver edgin’
that means count every blessin’
and minimize your stressin’
do some quality restin’
don’t be depressin’
this is a confession
i can stop your guessin’
and sharpen your weapon
then the nest you’ll be reppin’
your sadness i will lessen
your step ill put some pep in
never live in question
take this as a lesson
on getting what you want
know that you might have to be blunt
know that you’re royalty not a runt
know that you don’t need a front
do not think; know
do not shrink; grow
do not kink; flow
so not sink, row
everything but bored
wild animal down to the core
hear me roar
i got the play
we’re gonna have a great day
just let your problems fade
and realize you’re okay
think about nothing
then think about something
perfect balance hunting
curve ball bunting
i’m honestly better than alright
my goal stays in sight
high as a f-cking kite
i’ve accessed my inner light
know thyself
before anyone else
keep your soul, don’t sell
or on earth you’ll create your h-ll
don’t sacrifice your self worth
it’s been the same since birth
through the good and through the hurt
address your problems then skrt