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lirik lagu young kreed – old town road remix


need the right man for the right job when the money wrong
try  to stunt on me b-tch imma beat his -ss like i’m donkey kong
double  up need it triple long
smell the money like its pheromone
on my way but i rerouted
fresh  out the insane asylum
do  a hit and do speak bought it
all my goons got some gs around em
throw  a dead body in the bushes now them n-gg-s won’t beat around it
i’m the news go and read about it
ak call me bin laden
any beat i land on get blammed on get catastrophic
rap  game is my child’s play treat this sh-t like my kindergarten
got lost was somewhere between out the loop and in the gossip
these n-gg- ain’t been loyal changed up and in the closet
riding round with the new b-tch with that heat on me im in the tropics
never do what simon says
i be off all type of meds
heading to the top like the attic wit the spiderwebs
blowing up like t minus
everything i do rocket science
you can die f-cking around with me well my b-tch death defying
word to d ill pull up and i won’t care whos in this b-tch
chopper blow your memories i look at em then i reminisce
haters all around me dog they mad that i went h-lla major
try to put me down with all the stares i took the elevator
watch me go tic tock
wrote this sh-t like i’m hitchc-ck
catch you in the whip get a shot gl-ss
you heard that from the bigshot
way up i can’t slimdown
g-ssed up like a pitstop
young kreed mafioso
can’t call my bluff like your phone broke
wit the mob get a pitchfork
big glock for your discourse
going up i’m the sh-t now n-gg-s grew up with still p-ss poor
what i’m smoking on got white hairs lookin like it got lice in it
i done went so pop i can do anything like its white privilege