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lirik lagu enemy is us – venomized


like vermin creatures swarming upon this earth
we chose to follow and to terror they gave birth
you life in debt th these narcissictic views
the threat is real. haven`t you heard the news?

no point to reason , no time no die ~ rise

as the veins of our lives ~ venomized
as the voice of our time ~ rancid

we sit and watch as the blood is spilled
being occupied by keeping count of those we k!lled
no words of wisdom can еrase the scars
it`s time to wakе up , and take back what`s ours

when the violence subsides, what`s there left to find?
when the dust has settled and we can exhale , what have we archieved?
as we start to forget, who`ii be there to remind?
and we make the same mistakes over again, for what we believed

in the wake of our fate ~ puralyzed
in the eyes of our own ~ fear

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