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lirik lagu ej2val1d – heavy guns


i’m about to cut wit’ my big draco, let that f~cker slide
n~gga think im lackin’, then grab my jam, we point it to his eyes
[?] a n~gga once, we hit his head that sh~t got [?]
watch his body hit the ground, we made his f~ckin mama cry
me and gang we smokin on this gas, it got us h~lla fried
told lil’ shawty, hop up in my whip, we finna take a ride
grab that .45, put it to his head, i swear you bet not cry

huh, huh, huh, huh

[verse: ej2val1d]
i’m big steppin’ when i walk up in this b~tch, feel like the king
grab the jet 5 out my pocket, bet i make this f~cker sing
cuz, n~gga keep on talkin’ on the net, gon’ hit him in his spleen
ay, look
pushin’ to the crib, i’m tryna see what n~ggas talkin bout
heard my name up in they conversation, boy better keep it out
why this p~ssy n~gga hidin’, b~tch lets come and bang it out
huh, ayy, ayy yea

[verse2: ?]
cuz said hе need a feature, i’ma do it for the low
pop out wit ak

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