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lirik lagu easty the muscle – swing (feat. chino xl)


what good is melody, what good is music, if it ain’t possessing something swing
now it ain’t the melody, and it ain’t the music, there’s something else that makes this tune complete (yes, blaze i’m rocking with you)

don’t even think, if it ain’t got that swing, well
don’t even think, if it ain’t got that swing (who, yeah you), well

[verse 1 ] easty
ay yo, who want some, who really get the job done?
easty in this motherf~cker hit him raise the bar son
knocking down the door like in a raid when the cops come
display the array a ricochet from the top gun
not one to beef with, no secret
east be a beast, put you 6 feet beneath it
talk disrespect get your neck disconnected or they shooting each weapon like steph, from the floor seat section
ether sessions, yeah i’m doper than the needle pressing
nothing like the compass, east could be from each direction
any second, i’m setting off the bomb on the record
bars juiced up this barry bonds on the record
in his 01′ jersey, like his homerun derby, wanna beef with me? rap is so unworthy
check it in and lease, the definition of beast, p blaze on the beat its easty and big chi
(don’t even think, if it ain’t got that swing, well
don’t even think, if it ain’t got that swing, well)

[verse 2] chino xl
(let’s go in)
i’m a monster on this mic device, you’ll stay out of my way that is my sound advice, you’ll be needing a pound of ice, surrounded by maggots and lice, the lyrical christ, so precise, i could scribble and slice on a tiny white grain of rice
i live in a realm where the pain is nice, and the vagrants fight, and the pagans plight is a way of life, the days never polite, i prefer to serve em right swing (???)
i’m absurd with the words, disturbed, and always first to fight

(blurred guise?) sight, i got the burner tucked tight and i shot up the night, i’m eternally bright, so assuredly might, crush your windpipe with a pressure that’s slight

the question of psych~iatric is right~ly diagnosed schizophrenic, the doctor is wise (avoid???) like a prisoner’s diet, so look at his eyes they’re non emotion multiple~poltergeist should quote what i write, get off the pulpit if all you spitted is bullsh~t and lies, big chino and easty be beasting on these parasites

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