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lirik lagu edward skeletrix –


[verse 1]
no, i can’t take shroom with you, b~tch
huh, ain’t no luck, he get in tune with the [?]
put a dark tinge only where his nose is
n~~~a rest his head, then i ghost him
[?] and i need two doses
drank, pour me up, purple, red, green, on that paint
[?] that pen before
choppa drop down, yeah, it praise the lord
ain’t no ken carson, but my seat’s going gory
n~~~as in my house start sprayin’ [?]
ain’t no touchdown, swervin’ ball for the ghost
n~~~as don’t wanna be friends with a [?], no
“why my t~~th black?” ‘cau~ ’cause you don’t f~ck with gold
get my b~tch a rack, build her body, [?] some more sh~t
put that [?] down, [?] you ain’t got no emotion
all my feelings drown, yeah, [?] soloin’
why y’all ridin’ round with no racks? don’t make me go in
[?] star [?] bought your b~tch a [?]

[verse 2]
wonder if he ‘gon hit me
yeah, n~~~a gotta hit mе
want me ridin’ round, it ain’t hit me? f~ck
ridin’ ’round with no jimmy, wuh
h~he ain’t know nothing, hе don’t feel, he don’t love, n~~~a
bust his brain, he ain’t got no love
feel my pain, no, y’all can’t love, yeah
roll like a train, i don’t give no f~ck
johnny dang rich, i need a tonka
say he really rich when i pop her in
sad like [?] and we [?] on a b~tch

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