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lirik lagu dynasty foxx – like that


[verse: dynasty foxx]
i remember when i was kid
كل همي أني العب، كل همي أني أكون مع العيال ما توقعت إني لما أكبر أكون down like that, أكون down like that ما توقعت
ماتت احلامي وطموحي since my brother death
خسرت نفسي نفسي مراراً وتكرارا وحاولت ارجع نفسي لكن ما حقدر،
i know، ما حقدر لكن بحاول عشان امي

[verse: ddcentral]
look at my soul im a menace
knowin the crimes i did it
blame it on my head
you trynna see me dead
so lay me down to rest
im just trynna go out the best
past runnin through my head
my past been leaving me on read
so i freak out and take my meds
i just wanna forget it
overcome and step i did it
i didnt even think it meant sh~t
knowing these crimes i did it

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