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lirik lagu shauna dean cokeland - courtesy of the red, white & blue (the angry american)


american girls and american guys
we always stand up and salute, no need to criticise
when we see warplanes a~flyin’, our tax dollars overseas
they’re there to help the good guys bring the bad guys to their knees
i saw a perfect boy baby, and in place of his eyes was all red
‘cause white phosphorus blew down from the sky
he watched his mother, his brother, his sister all die
and then we bomb the d~mn rubble
‘cause, like, what if they’re lyin’?
hеy, uncle sam, how’s it feel?
did we come out ahеad?
on the backs of 40,000 palestinian dead
could the eagle still fly?
tell me, do you fear h~ll?
the children of the gaza strip have none but god to tell
what the greed of the usa has made the world into
brought to you courtesy of the red, white and blue

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