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lirik lagu dom vallie – dreams


so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow
i still have a dream
it is a dream deeply rooted in the american dream
i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up
i have a dream

[verse 1]
i had a dream i was taking necessities
i had a dream i was making these memories
no time for games, it could put me in jeopardy
doing what’s best for me, wonder what’s next for me
hoping it’s what my dreams have foretold
hope i retirе before i get old
book of my lifе, this part’s written in bold
said it before, i’m the child of gold
hopefully i make the most of me
one day, the grammys will hold up a toast for me
blessed with no rosary
coast to coast overseas
dreams to reality so the whole world can see what i’m doing
you should see what i’m viewing
what i’m pursuing, my music is booming
la, i just flew in
mama, i’m gon’ do it
i been having dreams of this sh~t
2017, boy, it’s lit
team doing things, making trips
money pretty green, made it flip
dreams to be one of the greatest
word to drizzy, he’s the latest
word to soldier, boy, we made it
dreams put on my table by a pretty waitress, i ate it
god d~mn, you cannot f~ck with the plans
we gon’ have views in j~pan
we gon’ have views in brazil
from here, we going uphill
we in too deep to back out
we in too deep to stop now
i wasn’t into attention, not tryna draw in a crowd
i was just sharing my sound
now people playing it loud, wow
never got sleep but had dreams (dreams)
never was into material things
never was one to buy rings (rings)
man, all i wanted to bring was music that people could sing to
share it, bilingual, share it like pringles
maybe one day i’ll sell out a venue
you should see what the boy has got on the menu
see what i’m cooking up
you shouldn’t mess with the rookie, bruh
i wanna make it so big that people do not have to look me up
laugh at the females who stood me up
how many people have laughed at the outsider?
soon, i’ll be on the cover of insider
all year all~nighters
the future has never been brighter, god d~mn
yeah, yeah

[verse 2]
i’m ’bout to flex like i just left the gym (yeah)
flex like i hopped out the benz (yeah)
don’t even have that yet (nah)
still gotta cash some checks (yeah)
still gotta chase that bread (yeah)
still gotta rap ’til death
i want a home in la and in toronto, boy, look at that home stretch (yeah)
flow astronomical, anything possible
hopping these obstacles, feeling unstoppable
read all my chronicles, almost illogical
way i be dropping it, yeah
way i can switch up the flow like an autobot
my rhymes are all the same, b~tch? looks like i got a lot
hopping these flows like i’m hopping scotch
that’s an afterthought
that’s just a dream

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