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lirik lagu dodgiest b – death


ill be doing this til my last breathe
doesn’t matter if i make the bread
im just taking the things from my head
i swear joking was all that you said
i swear you were all joking bout death
but now that one’s dead ya talk less
i swear yall put on the stress
i just hoping that they stayin blessed

i was hoping to come in and check
checking if u were alright
left me on seen didn’t text
time passes by and i cry
why would it ever happen
i pray to god that it wasn’t true
i swear to god if i wasn’t attracted
i wouldn’t be feeling so blue
wondering what i should do
am i the one that’s the target
i can’t be actin all flawless
cuz you know that there’s many you have
i swear you ain’t going out sad
you need to get over this
i swear this life is feeling unlucky
need a four leaf clover b~tch
this life is about success
it’s not about being the richest
i swear i want the hugs and the kisses
quarantine making me miss it
like the suicide death of effect
that it’s taken on this toll of world
when you seem to have lost a best friend
no one can replace that girl
i hope that she’s good in another world
hoping she’s not in the underworld
it’s something i couldn’t control
it’s a pleasure of guilt that i hold
and that maybe i shouldn’t have told
i swear life has been getting more cold
only warmth is from your computer
why you feel like you’re such a loser, yea
i swear that i can’t do this anymore