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lirik lagu dobergirl – tiramisù


tear in my soup
reflected broth
why my dope
make me cought
there`s no hope
for my troath
to be broke
like a rope
of the rhythm
i`m the daughter
of the rhymes
call me van gogha
tony montana
table of coca
refill the boat
over the border
you’re my soldier
this is your order


diva in a suit
fear in my suite
this is goin` deep
and very sick
trip trip trip
runnin`in the street
roadrunner fit
smell of feet
beep beep beep
you wanna lick
a hugest stick
but its just a d*ck
and u`re a b*tch
i`m so rich
and that’s your tip!


dear my sweet
you`re the bear
i`m the bee
no sugar free
this is the deal
what do u see
it`s just he
and not me
now u say si
for the beer
i gotta pee
on that tree
u wanna a pear
i`m disappear
loaghtin` and fear