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lirik lagu captain fray – blue cheese


[full verse: captain fray]
fucked your b-tch so deep when pulled out i was born again
your brain cells k!lled themselves tryna snort a pen
i’m the lord of zen, farthest from american, rap without sporting lead
i make opinions as divided as divorcing beds
i’m that fortune teller scorching heads while aborting feds
man my crew descend til no more fucking truth to shed
riding buddha sleds down all the streets of budapest
if i didn’t spit it, who’d a said i was the best
flow so nasty that i shoulda popped a sudafed
charlie manson on the mic, now the mood is dead

get the buck like two teeth
spin it like sufis till you get more groupies than 66 and two threes
sorry miss susie, you’re paying for the sushi
that’ll be 50 motherfucking rupees, i’m feeling snooty as blue cheese
y’all loopy, ’bout as nuts as snoopy movies
she’ll be counting down a two-piece tryna charm the snake flutey
it’s my duty to do her like mookie
it’s my d-mn birthday, i ain’t fucking with new me
changed the locks, new keys
he said he got a new lease on life, he don’t know dookie
i roll with a pocket of roofies, won’t be calling in the morning so take two, please
head’s on a wall like mona in le musée
switch the eyes for rubies, don’t care if it looks bourgie
uh, i’m rolling regal as an 86 buick
new kid and the shoe fits, i’ll do it
compute this: the truth is i’m ruthless
i’m done with this fucking beat, cut it like i’m brutus