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lirik lagu dallas ford – the second to last phone call


in the closet was the jacket
she abstained from
i said, “baby, you should pack it
it gets cold in pennsylvania”

[verse 1: dre!]
dyin’ on the inside, outside
people say i’m more alive
if i drop these thoughts
will i be immortalized?
everyone gotta purpose
these are the mortal lies
life so motorized
move quick or get left
i write with my right hand
i’m righteous
vices on vices on vices
as long as my shoulder the right wrist
how do you maintain?
when ya past life always behind ya iris ~
i rest my case
when i really start to hold my tongue
lost some friends
when i found out i’m the realest one
stand on my square
til’ it’s said and done
setting sun, new horizon
greener grass never on the other side
i write where you grow it
i part with my thoughts and
i’ll never tiptoe it
[verse 2: dallas ford]
look at my eyes
can you tell that i’m living
look at my pupils
tell that i’m tripping?
look at my eyelids
tell that i’m lifted?
would be cliche just to say that i’m gifted
vices on vices on vices on vices
mean to my health but
somehow i’m the nicest
how do i deal with a quarter life crisis?
contact the venues and say up the prices
i got to learning what value of life is
don’t matter the bullet, you just gotta bite it
once this sh~t drop
y’all are not getting nothing for free
me and dre! need our flowers
we’ll settle for tree
buy a big old nice house
that like no one can see
and k!ll on some vegetables
i’m talking beats
macbook with backwood ~ that’s a vice
xanax with a frappe ~ that’s addiction
airpods, now he rap good ~ oh he nice!
vices on vices on vices on vices on
[verse 3: dre!]
just hopped off the phone
with my homie dally!
he might be lonely
he say his family callin’ everyday
and he always picking up
because he hate to be phoney
only reason that he solo
most convos keep him so low
the pill will make him peel away
the drain thoughts, that pen sparks
now it’s thought
i wonder if he talked to god
or always staring at the odds
i’ll break it down even more
he breaking down the weed of course
his life is probably tougher
than some hair that’s course
why he sad, what’s the source?
a curious case
on how he tell the gang
he don’t feel the same no more
and why his feet so sore?
i think he running from some demons
he ain’t seen in a minute
many people think they know the kid
mental health is nothing simple
maybe be a little gentle
push em’ away
and that’s when feelings start to turn fickle
done with talking i’m still witchu
dontchu know that people miss you
momma running through them tissues
rehab ain’t the bigger issue
[verse 4: dallas ford]
just got off the phone with dre!
i was so high that b4 saying goodbye
i didn’t hear him say
“consumption has a price to pay.”
digging deep to find myself through exploration
but really i’m just digging my grave
three missed calls from mom’s
now my arrogance showing
much rather rock supreme
don’t much care for rick owens
i’ll just pop a couple these
no one has to be knowing
if my secrets safe with you
then ion’t care where we goin’ cuz
i can feel it kicking in
oh i remember this feeling
and if i get too familiar
back in the looney bin
is where i’ll go and maybe stay
like i said before
consumption has a price to pay
i’m paying tolls like everyday
i just woke up from my coffin ~
k!lling pieces of myself to cleanse
something y’all should practice often
not a drinker, rather float
people think that cuz i rather smoke weed
then f~cking black out
that i do the most