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lirik lagu crankkkman – untitled


dreads on my head imma monster
30 flush a n-gga ike a plumber
f-cking on his b-tch imma slide through
f-ck n-gga yeen wanna slide too
‘bino in the cut in a foreign coupe
machete cut the coupe it’s an orange coupe
trap n-gga get that bag from the bricks
promise my momma a billy coupe
trap n-gga rooted up by a [?]
these b-tches be mad i can’t f-ck with you
crankkkman beat the dope with the fist
that n-gga he funny can’t serve you
i’m peeping them n-ggas i’m telling you
i’m geeking i’m watching the rear view
(f-ck n-gga get the f-ck [?])
(have my lil n-gga run down on you)
have my lil n-gga run down on you
hold on that