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lirik lagu sevenyoungold – shit (intro)


yea something like smoothies
but yea g lets do this
ya mc old sh-t
just found it again
you know kind
but yea some ain’t
when i got a fool back
i was young
man i got gangsta attack
when i dead
ma cool
you know
set it of letter of the burn ma mood
sh-t, yea, you jealous in ma move
know that p-ssive by the generous you can no cool
you can be, i know sh-t
i can’t, i know this sh-t
f-ck the bannana will ran thats she did
they want im talk about the eminem
what? i know
i sh-ted when a merry les
then you catch
you what i talk about it
this sh-t
you know it ma words
you know everything’s sh-t
no, like this bullsh-t
you push it this cool
you know im cool
with my mind its true
you k!ll, doe
the gangsta’s bill
you have it on my cash
and you will p-ss it by meal
everything is like in the gr-sses
do ma flow
im p-sse it by the gl-sses
on mine and new
the hole
the set
the wall
im in the kid tha war
ye this sh-t
im in the bullsh-t tall
yea, the gangsta’s attack
in the mood
you real, and did
a sh-t im cool
but, i meaning, of the wall it on ma past but i know we get you k!ll
im k!lling wich you bad
i know k!lling call
and you in no ma fall
im hall you cool, you k!lling in ma hood, but you cannot do this if you wanna everything
is in the battle?
the police, an old this role this
man i got to play it no more
i get you when im cold
your name mr rode
bt yea, lets do this happen
yea yea
oh yea when i got back
and know was fact
and yo, get shock like a gangs attack
you wannam get you house
or fool f-ck back
and mc old sh-t like
start the album, you know this cool, the f-ck im done, yo
this sh-t, im in the cool yea yea
what a happen with a gunshot
man bad, yea so? im in!
the wall
yea, yea yea, yea
gang st and jimy
and now die
and wanna k!ll
wanna all tha set i fall
yea down the gangsta
and 7 im found it, man
i cannot k!lling you when on ma band man
i know with this sh-t
doe was la yo gang
so gangsta album, mc sh-t
mc oldsh-t want a bad
i know this fall, im f-cking a door its fast
im n-gga and wanna ma n-gga
cause tha a fat, im a fat
yea yea, kind school yea
man i get a hood
no bad, no p-ss, i m-ssive it by the h. a. s. o f-ck
and you know night one in your beat
you know the sound and role that back be careful eat your sh-t
then im on street
you know this, hope this happen
im produce the young bang
the that sh-t the gangs mo fo
im cool, you n-ggas in jealous
you get it in ma hood. oh