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lirik lagu corey nyell – deli [remix]



woke up, checked out of the telly
in london, i got me a sub from the deli
we uber straight to the tour bus to the ferry
then back on the road straight to poland, got ready
we murdered the tour from the first to the fourth
hit the club with a b~tch, she was shaking her jelly
got drunk off tequila, bumping makeveli
i’m chasing these shots with a mango cranberry
i took a vacate for some days
due to the traffic, and the hurricane
needless to say, a h~ll of a delay
i’m tryna think of how to get back to thе states
while i’m shooting pool with all of the matеs
f~ck! i’m drunk again, but i’m off a corona
hangover heavy like i’m a stoner
i’m hoping this sh~t don’t put me in a coma
i’m moving slow
i packed equipment like i’m pushing dope
psych i lied, but this sh~t was a heavy load
tryna catch a flight back to the mco
relaxed in tampa for the night
munchies was kicking in but i made it back
fell asleep at my bro’s, i’m waking up
hit reset at the shower, i’m dressed in black
now i’m on my way back to the city
i’m booked for a festival, that sh~t was litty
i’m serenading to a ting and she valid
she pull me over to her baddie committee
i pull the digits, she in love with a savage
i feel like a dawg, i’m moving like diddy
this sh~t wasn’t given to me, so i earned it
i’m climbing the ladder, now i’m getting biggie

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