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lirik lagu cordae – all alone (interlude)


lyrics from snippet

[intro: cordae & luther vandross]
there is not a house
a house is not a home, when—
a house is not a home— home— (woo, woo)
a house is not a home— home— (woo, woo)
a house is not a home (woo, woo)
when there’s no one there

[verse: cordae & luther vandross]
uh, what’s a ten~thousand~square~foot mansion?
when a kitchen still gettin’ expanded, but you walk in the front door and
there’s no one there
what’s the point of a brand new ride?
you by yourself on a five~hour drive, and look
there’s no onе there
when you’rе feelin’ so much pride, and take a deep look at yourself inside and see
there’s no one there
when everybody’s callin’ your phone, yet somehow i couldn’t feel more alone (ayy, look)
ominous is an illusion, i’m self~sufficient
some of—

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