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lirik lagu corbin – creature


leaving no trace of the race of you humans
after you die, i’ll chew slow, i’m consumin’
sweeping the country and cities in ruins
and never a victim of pain i’m ensuing
creep in the night with the darkness and demons
come ? and the pope he is fleeing
all of the spirits from h-ll i am freeing
spooky black i am the most evil being
strangle the pastor i am p-ssed forgiveness
satanic rituals, god as my witness
ancient tongue, written with blood, eucalyptus
your executioners done far from judicious
breaking the skin, leaving marks with the razor
? perpetrator
i’m conscious and don’t need the answer to ?prayer my blade is this swift from the decapitations?
spooky so scary i’m seen as a myth, written inscriptions on old hieroglyphs
purple and sprite slowly hitting my lips, pieces of flesh from your skin they are bit?
i find me a reason dig into your chest
the hatred inside me i’m feeling depressed
controlling your body i f-cking possess
devilish ways i’m becoming obsessed
holding up crosses they try to repent
preachers can’t stop me from h-ll i am sent
dragging you down off the end of descent
taking you with me without your consent
embracing demented and sorrowful souls
drowning your blood into ritual bowls
completing the prophecy lucifer scrolls
preach to the devil i’m selling my soul

creatures and demons: we all are the same
up on the scaffold too d-mned and ashamed
stop making music you’re looking for fame
bashing your brain f-ckin’ abel and cain
closing your eyes cause you don’t want to see
what pain and affliction has done unto me
rolling up papers with c-ke and some tree
kush got me limp like an amputee
i am now on the move
slitting your throat, you’re the victim i choose
very abusive, k!lling in twos, stashing the bodies of priests in ?
k!lling you slowly, i’m haunting the holy, rounding up bodies for dark ceremonies
spooky black dead, that’s the end testimony
f-ck you, i don’t even wanna be alive
i’m ’bout that suicide, thinking i’m a samurai
if it’s just you and i, and only one survive
i shoot your -ss with this tech leave you paralyzed
rippin’, slashin’, all the fakes who call themselves evil
you haven’t seen me up in action hangin’ on the steeple
i ride with spooky people
and those who hate themselves
eatin’ pizza, f-ck you lames, sip: codeine from the well