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lirik lagu clarkyartist – dreaming – remake


… the need to sleep… (
… has been a week… (see)
deeper than it seems… (cah)
sees the reaper in his dreams

so he seeks for weed
he’s a sleepy teen
less weaker than the fiends
cah the worst he’s been and seen

lonely and depressed
although hoping for the best
so hes smoking ces
barely spoken to his friends

asking about him
darkness surrounds him
he’s used to these surroundings
can’t get up out it

so no sleep.. he stays up
the dream he made his life
only dreams when blazed up
escaping when he’s high
with no~one to pass to
he spark zoots
feels like life he passed through
ain’t nothing that he can’t do.. in dreams

zoot lit but slowly burning
tables turning
forever dreaming, that’s for certain

burning nature.. bud’s a blessing
so he reckons
dreaming, cos when he dreams
he’s up and high, with the heavens

in pain to stay alive

he just buns another spliff
no~one to pass, nor to give
regrets the past, please forgive
apologise for times he sinned

his minds so messed
and he’s way too stressed
can’t sleep… life’s a dream
and his eyes are always blessed

eyes red.. eyes of the devil
blessed, he’s on levels
depressed, but with fate he never medles
cos life’s a b~tch, it’s been settled

in his dreams he feels safe
cah he’s surrounded by mates
all he does is blaze haze
to keep dreaming, cah reality he hates
so he keeps on dreaming
secretly awake, but can’t help the feeling
cah his dreams seem real
can’t tell which is the real thing

weed messed his brain up
said it made him calmer
said it made him braver
helped him live through the break up
wishing they would make up
cos to her he’s now a stranger

lonely and depressed
barely spoken to his friends
so hes smoking ces
although hoping for the best

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