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lirik lagu claire brooks – millionaire


put it all away, it’s taking up my time
i don’t wanna see it, we’re the paradigm
can’t get me off my phone, i don’t wanna be alone
know that i don’t need it, gotta draw a line

somewhere i swear, this will take a toll on me
take me anywhere, validated goals got me
so d~mn unaware, findin’ a control
tryna shelter me from care

wouldn’t be a millionaire
just to see a million there

i’m so divided, i wanna see the culture
i’m into all the people; additions to the sculpture
and then i’m undecided bеcause i can’t approach ya
i’m too deep into hiding, and i don’t wanna go

should this be so do or die? not likе it’s a lifeline
don’t even think i get enough of my time
then i’m left alone, i don’t like the silence
wheres my f~cking phone?

wouldn’t be a millionaire
just to see a million there
wouldn’t be a millionaire (i don’t wanna be a millionaire)
(all the money and the fame, who cares?)
just to see a million there (just to see a million there)

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