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lirik lagu colourfulr@pe – ram ranch: exotic cowboys ft. bbc_junior


[intro: colourfulr@pe]
ram ranch, ram ranch, ram ranch, ram ranch, the best place in america

ayo is that x on the beat, d~mn, d~mn polo you really coming in like that?

[verse 1: colourfulr@pe]
i’m out here in a cloak, he put me in a choke, like charles olivera, he know he’s a bloke, me and bro at a stand off, you know my sh~t is hand drawn, we gave each other a hand job, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, we both know i’m sucking his c~ck, ~glock~

[ad~lib: bbc_junior]
how long he last?

[verse 2: colourfulr@pe]
not one, not two, not four, ima put him on the floor, there’s cum all over the door, he be yelling me give me some more, uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh

[ad~lib: bbc_junior]
d~mn, eight seconds even that bad bruh

[verse 3: colourfulr@pe]
i’m clapping cheeks, i’m beating meat, i’m a f~cking freak, he said give it to me, i said knock on the door, and you better say please, please, please, please, give me your d~ck, oh you really want it that bad, come here boy, tuck, pluck, muck, chuck, luck, suck, ruck, duck, huck, stuck, pluck, plug, duck, work, tug, plug, mug, spug, tug, blood, tud, up, up, yuck, yuck, yuck, f~ck you, ~bang~, ~bang~, ~bang~, ~bang~, ~bang~, ~bang~, ~bang~, ~bang~, ~bang~, ~bang~, ~bang~, ~bang~, ~bang~, ~bang~, ~bang~, ~bang~, ~bang~, ~bang~, ~bang~, ~bang~, ~bang~, ~bang~, ~bang~, ~moan~, that was me finishing

[verse 4: colourfulr@pe]
~neigh~, they say ram ranch is a real cowboy haven, with stallions so long it will leave you craven, horses in the stables, muscles on display, cowboys riding hard, no time to delay, but hold up now, let me make it clear, ram ranch is all about consensual cheer, i was getting f~cked by a cowboy’s c~ck, in the farm, next to a car, he got that ass like a p~rn star, we went to the barn to get f~cked, by some guys named john and won, they were holding my arms, there’s no harm to lasting long, but make sure to f~ck, well cause i know your strong, i see some corn in the lawn, why is it brown? aye, aye, we gonna keep it calm, aye, aye, but make sure you cum, a cowboy’s paradise, and where they go the whole nation, they give out cum like a f~cking donation, they squirt everywhere like an organism station, ram ranch

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