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lirik lagu chauncey666 – this bitch ugly (feryal disstrack)


my d~ck in my d~ckies
my d~ck in my d~ckies
this b~tch is literally bigger then biggie
you insecure attention wh0re
this is more then you bargained for
quit talking sh~t
and go suck another fat n~gga d~ck
you dumb little b~tch
stay krabby like patties
you stay with the xannies
got problems with daddy
your diet consist of candy and plan b
dont wear a hijab cuz
you too busy being a thot
post pictures in thongs
talking bout “headgame is bomb”
dissapointment to mom
dirty the name of islam
b~tch better stop
don’t talk about fashion
your outfits is not with the sarilah
put your head on a chopping block
chopping it off in the name of allah
say i’m “whitewashed”, that be hilarious
only do be burying d~ck in your sn~tch
was a fat white man
get your waist trainer
wеight kept gainin’
look at her make up
this b~tch a paintеr
should be restrained her
you not an entertainer
go grab the razor this terriorst
making you tear your wrist
d~mn i’m nefarious
way the background be bending, mysterious
talking bout “protest”
but on the first day
you don’t even show there
dont even go there
dude you call “daddy”
stay calling you cabbies
p~ssy is nasty
stretched out like taffy
i’m hurling the turbans till her feelins hurtin
b~tches got issues
go grab the rope, no one would miss you
moms shouldve rented the clinic
aborted your sh~t
no one would miss it
hope that you hear this
play the victim like “whoa”
hoe didn’t you know
your titties are gross like pictures you post
wanna be instagram model the most
get found in a brothel of thighs
so why does she wobble?
sell me your ligthers, h~lla tight, sike
hope you end your life, you f~cking dyk~
drink a gallon of bleach tonight
for once in your life doing something right
slice from elbow to wrist not left to right
looking like jabba the hut wit no b~tt, everythings stuffed in the front, yuck
is it that time of the month
or is she always a c~nt?
sh~t on your head
and say thanks for the hat
you’re fat, you’re fat and you’re not black
did you know that?
(did you know that you ho?)
bet you wish you had melanin
keep talkin sh~t
and i’ll squeeze your melon in
black lives matter but your life don’t
can’t cope with the fact
that u look like a globe
(you look like a globe)
go hang from a rope
and stop with this nonsense
only two genders, wonder
did that offend her?
gave this b~tch crisis
knocked her out like im tyson
for your own sake, you better stay quiet
if you so tough, go and join isis
kept talking sh~t over twitter
why would i fight~
(i already k!lled her)

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