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lirik lagu bread (rapper) – doing the dash


had this b~tch on her knees
problems i got, i don’t even need
drivin’ my car, need4speed
n~ggas talk crazy about me
end up on the tv
mr brick, okay, fresh like i’m mr t
pull this chain, chicken wing
b~tch, she it’s the same thing
i’m gettin’ money, i can rearrange it
turn up the whole frame
mr brick, whole thing
listen to me, whole loaf
b~tch wanna f~ck with me, told her, “no, no”
you not even a seven
i got the money, i ain’t goin’ to heaven
d~ckhead, i’m lyin’
i’m goin’ to heaven, them’s goin’ to h~ll
we send ’em right therе, done got hit with the shovel
n~gga, i don’t wish you wеll
wishin’ your family all unwell
you got with that switchy, n~ggas
talkin’, never in the city
why you hidin’ now, n~ggas?
we gon’ explore the sh~t
i feel, like, hood, like
i should be, f~ck endurin’, sh~t a rape
i’m gettin’ money, never catch no case
n~gga, i ain’t ever wearin’ bape
switch that sh~t to lulu, now she in my face
she said, “i ain’t wearin’ vlone”
i told this b~tch me and her can’t get along
mr bread, i said, “just get it on”
mr bread, i said, “just get it”
that’s when i suck on her titty
i say, “no, i’ma bust on her face”
leave me alone, i don’t
(i don’t, i don’t , i don’t, i don’t)
(mornin’ to the sun time)
(n~ggas, they in, ain’t even out)
(they just be on whine time)
call me some wine, tate
i ain’t ever take no, uh
i ain’t ever takin’ the bait
she wanna make a tape, try me
put it on p~rnhub, uh, ain’t no onlyfans
i got all these b~tches
need to make a onlyfans
they gon’ fall in love, because
hey, i’m
i don’t even know what to say
i’ma give it all up, all it takes
mr bread, i ain’t takin’ no breaks
we could be hittin’ the gas
we ain’t ever hittin’ the brakes
shake, told that b~tch do her dance
mr bread, so i’m in my, uh
(uh, uh, uh, uh, i’m in my, uh)
mr bread, i’m in my stance
told the lil b~tch to do her dance
her n~gga ain’t ever stand a chance
all my n~ggas be countin’ up bands

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