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lirik lagu 2mygrave – empathy


[intro: lxwlife]
i hate kevin
so f~cked up, y’know
f~ck all this sh~t
how i feel about life, it f~cks me up everytime, y’know?

[verse 1: lxwlife]
all this f~ckin’ weight on my shoulders ’til it’s over
i been poppin’ all these pills, yeah, i ain’t sober
[?], i got couple by the coaster
now, i lay low ’til the day i get closure
i just know the days on me gettin’ f~ckin’ closer, f~ck exposure
i won’t bet but i gotta get on posters, yeah
i can’t do this sober, yeah
i need mud on water
i don’t think i’ll live, stay in october, yeah

[verse 2: surge]
i know where i belong, don’t hold on
corrupt and wrong
try to keep strong
but you’ll lose all your numbers
but thеre is no other
just to be cautious in thе coffin
from the other world, taught us, in my conscious
flawless in other worlds, came from the bottom
hate what we in common
provoked on my soul, feelin’ rotten
drink up ’cause i’m feelin’ nauseous, chasin’ my [?] forgotten
i don’t wanna disappear
runnin’ away when you gettin’ near
this is really on my [?]
[?] fade a couple tears
[?] waste a couple tears
this is really what i fear
yeah, yeah, yeah

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