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lirik lagu saber - it's hard


hook: x2
yeah, my n~gga it’s been hard, yeah, it’s still hard
the problem has always been, where to, after we start
n0body has ever learnt the way, that’s why we never make it that far
tryna get my people up
it’s all love
verse 1:
yeah, it’s all love
life has been so tough
my parents named me zanele, to say it’s enough
boys, we gotta make sure, the next generation, believe they are winners
alotta ministers, and councillors, but still lack leaders
that’s why i ain’t never f~ck with politics
they only cover whom they rolling with
everybody wanna claim their piece
n0body really wanna stand for peace
give me a couple’a years, i swear i’m gonna flip this place
and show them
verse 2:
kgale ke try’a ho pusha ntwana kasi pineng tsa ka
ba itse ke eme hanyane ka sekgowa, maybe ba tla di bamba
ha sore ha ba se tsebe, mare ka puo ya kasi ba tla mfeel’a
indaba re morao haholo, the whole world sa le e re siya
khona ke understand’ang today, why ntate lethoko, a na dula a ichaya bruh ya ka
batho ba feta moo o leng thata, ba pope, mare ha ba jekele kasi ho tlo inspire’a
batho ha ba tsebe, they stand for what lefatsheng mona; pushwa ke desire
re bua haholo feela, ka di struggles tsa kasi, ’cause ha re so be shap’o
once le ba shapo, y’all cut all the ties, lekgaola dithapo
tlametse ho be easy for batlang, ba ska hula ka las’
i hope this song e tlohe ka hii, e be fihle le ka mqash
i hope it’s starts in your ears, and stays in your heart
way before load shedding, my people been in the dark
years after just a shot, still tryna ignite that spark
if you been low for some time, they only way to go is up

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