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lirik lagu ann scott – all along the river


if it’s smart to keep
haven’t seen a photograph of
drove a thousand miles there and by
you can tell your story
you can change your name, oh
you can keep on running, just the same

all along the river by the watchtower
everywhere this place remains of you

if i fail to sleep if i left the door wide open
to open in me, lie with me
you can take my money
you can have my own
you can keep me running, just until dawn

maybe i’m too young to listen
or i’m too tired to care
maybe you’re older to listen
to pray, to faith

all along the river, by the watchtowеr
but the place kept insidе those bars
by the waterside, oh

i pray that i find my way
that i find my way
that i find my way
and that i find me
by the waterside

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