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lirik lagu little tealeif – rusty tongue


[verse 1]
we were dimming the brightest of lights
god spies on these things
my mumbling feels somewhat obsolete
and i’d rather f~ck off and run and bail out
but i’m so comfortable now
and there’s more to life than just the club in sittingbourne town
anecdotally, we’re supposed to be released
it’s kind of sus, speaking in tongues of rust
i’m loving every lesson learnt in life and in l~st
while i don’t rush, i’ll still pursue it
but who the f~ck is fluent
at times it’s like the truman show
we’rе right on the cusp with all these cluеs that build up
you can decipher types designed to dim our lights
and see the other side is brighter
despite what the situation inside of me implies
good afternoon, good evening, and have a good night

[verse 2]
it’s cyclical and cyclonic, the last love wasn’t honest
and it’s only now that i’m less chaotic
i’m decidedly frightened of the life i left behind
i’m finding phonics and syllables with words you can’t define
i was like a joke, yeah, switching cities to cope
convinced that tel aviv was some kind of kodachrome kaleidoscope
not too long ago, i’d go from a pillar to bedpost
never the studio, can’t remember how i wrote pedestal
people, but at least i did
and now i’m back in my hometown, with the gift of precision
the simplest sin is a tongue, dancing daggers and venom
beware the elegance that can disguise a dirty endeavour
i never put too much effort into forgetting a song
but i love these comets so much it kinda corrupted my thoughts
it’s on me, honestly, each time i hear “delighted” i’m gone
this time i’m moving to djibouti, gonna pack up and move on

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