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lirik lagu big pump (ak47) – codeine ln


it’s big pump
or ak
whatever you want to call me
i’ve been sad
it’s been hard
and i think i’m ready to go

(gps directions)
continue north on codeine ln until you reach numb st
turn left on numb st and continue for 500 yards until you reach overdose dr
make a right turn onto overdose dr and your destination will be 50 feet on the left
you have arrived

yes, it’s big pump and i’m back again
on the real, i’m feeling sad again
going through everything happenin’
and no i can’t hide, i cannot pretend
yeah, this f-ckin’ sh-t’s like a battle that never ends
’cause when it’s done, it just starts back again
the only thing i take solace in’s my friends
but they can’t help me, so what am i gonna do then?

they push me to the edge, but i’m not uzi
you ask me if i’m good, but i’m not gucci
i’m ready to go, whenever death can come to me
believe me or don’t, it’s something you can come and see

he said suicide if you let go
but sh-t, i’ve been let go so many times before
you don’t even know
and i’m not gonna try to hide the pain inside
trying to escape, you’ll see it at my wake

and no matter how hard i try not to feel
it’s all so real
i can’t comprehend or mention it
i’ve got this pent up tension, sh-t
i’m probably depressed
’cause my whole life’s been messed up

i hate my reflection
ashamed of rejection
and it all builds up
i try to push through, but it’s all for what?

i just wanna fall
and end it all
i’m tired of living
sick of forgiving
i’m done with these f-cked up feelings

i know i’ve been somber, i know i’ve been sad
but f-ck my mother and i hate my dad
the relationships i’ve tried for and the few that i’ve been in
they never succeed, so they come to an endin’
but i feel like it’s ending me
my feelings are k!lling me
you think i’m joking, but you all will see

i get so many reminders
that my life is f-cking timeless
i feel useless and i hate myself
it’s too late for me to change myself

i’m living in this hatred world
can’t even get a f-cking girl
i hate my parents, hate my life and everything else
feel like it’s time for me to k!ll myself