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lirik lagu tfam – value pack blunts


(verse 1)
kick it flip it k!ll it slit it i don’t f-ckin mind you
when i’m in your god d-mn town the whole scene lookin like a coup
a twelve in one value pack the blunt be lookin very fine
hungry as a h-rny b-tch i really wanna munch and dine
f-ck an ode to viceroy my lungs gotta stay breathing live
do some sh-t above the law that’s how ima live and thrive
make a molotov c-cktail from the handle it’s a scandal f-ck my old -ss neighbor she gon get manhandled i’m the vandal

(verse 2)
armor made from dragon skin you can’t even harm me
i wield my blade to cut you like the mobile switchblade army
done with every fake girl i won’t talk to my one soulmate
the meaning of my hate is real i would never ever wait
when there’s kindness shown i just wanna shoot it fully down
planes in the sky my javelin make them descend to town
my true intentions arent known what the f-ck is being seen
i stabbed my crush’s boyfriend and now she says i’ve been f-ckin clean