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lirik lagu avatar caine – compost


babble rabble butch b~tch
gotta be real quick to dig your own grave from a road ditch
witches pick fights with mitch, waving while wearing white hoods and wielding an old switch
posers can’t pick up on this without a stitched wrist and a gold hitch
conservative men, get inside the moldy kitchen
women belong in the workplace, men deserve to get kicked out into unholy sp~ce
force spit in their face, get raped with shovels and rakes, play the roly poly sh~t race
make p~rn with deepfakes because we can’t stand their pace
pray to gacy, we’re all really f~cking crazy, so what we say goes, ok?
buy into the stereotypes, embrace their straight gaits
we fae play the blame game all day
the emasculated tates ain’t got sh~t left to say
sunshine in our fates, while they still have storm clouds, boiling lakes
roiling torn with grief they scr~pe by half baked
too high to reply about our higher pay rates
they’re too afraid to ask for brighter ways after we leave them confused and dazed as they fertilize the ground for 1,024 days
nothing else matters or remains except brains, chianti and a peace pipe
smoking his bones, mixing marrow with leak and lean and his greek ex~wife
pristine cuisine prom queens trump these former kings, blown to smithereens, dusty dubplates play aloud
laced plastic and dora’s molded map lead us to the great lakes where his nightmares are found
wet dreams abound, surrounded by drowned out screams as a crop duster flies overhead
it takes an insane amount of effort to remain relevant at reduced rates as i take pictures of his mound
round bottom, perky ass, amassed thousands of followers on onlyfans but now he only cries instead
dead rats, bloated fish and battery acid mixed with bird calls and low groans
sounds like a gacy painting on speed dial on a flip phone, or the old project blowed crones
alex jones podcasts locked and loaded, michael knowles barbarism plowed down
the fields are all dying, most are already dead, dethroned without crowns
frowns astounded when nature wasn’t respected, it all should have been preserved and protected
held unaccountable for their sh~tty actions, pithy gladhands grandstanded, handed real heads disrespect
old threads were retread, books reread, but lessons never taken to heart, heedless
needlessly trunacted to nonexistance, persistence was left by the wayside

weenies peed inpressed with creamed skinny jeans
g~y pride parades paid pitiful pennance
resisted by the dope fiends even after the movement was accepted at large