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lirik lagu au soul – destiny


(verse) au soul
too many nights i’m thinking better days is coming rights

found the light inside those dark souls

search for heart and found they love

now they can’t tell me they don’t feel it
unless they numb so ls

get rolled up til i fly with ogs like my moms fair well

he setting sail
those stairwells

get climbed til i’m in heaven

i elevate the greatest

i don’t think they get me though

still a unknown factor in yo city hit the studio

that’s when they’ll hate you they memorized all yo move sets

these women think you
goofy but insecure to the fullest

let’s get it jumping i’m feelin the
low vibrations

til the source forever love us i don’t feel like i’m the greatest we was out there tryna fight it y’all proctecting this lil matrix unn

and now we flying breaking through records and glass doors

fast forward just imagine me inside the new bugatti

but they forgot me

my pengame copied

think i don’t notice

i let em have it and guarantee my next style is golden


crouching through the water

moving farther in my mind i’m winning

i needed custom linen

so i call jdot for the clothing told em brody we just now beginnin

won’t stop til i’m legend

ever since i seen it in my dreams i knew that i was different well


(verse 2) au soul
things change we all evolve you goofy thinking different
through all the bad parts

kept it moving the sad part i got homies i won’t see again

this sea for them the love the waves on the seashore send a message of the heat boi to every decoy

see more

dollasigns for music

i been on a different level since i started writing

pen another hit until it’s clash of the titans

with poseidon’s trident i control the waves

it’s scary when i get excited you can tell forsure

they never ask for more

it’s over when the lyrics coasting through they soul forget it shows until the camera rolling

that’s when you lose the focus

we live for moments we can’t remember with people we won’t ever forget

that’s how you know it’s legit right

them simple nights get more complex the more you think about it

but i don’t think about it

the music i’m blank without it

the top was crowded til i lost it and they named me king

this for my sons and daughters

this for my indigos

we was setting sail forgetting drowning cause we been afloat

his story never wrote but i promise they won’t forget it

we move through time with this music before the laws can fix it

may god forgive him heard publishing was a sin