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lirik lagu albertsstuff – julius cole diss track


ok i think it’s about time i make a real diss track on julius cole
ok, gimme a beat

[verse 1]
got a new logo but it looks like a cheez~it
kids cursing on your live stream but you didn’t see it
got banned talkin’ ’bout warts on my p~n~s
obese but i’m cute
’cause i’m built like venus
julius cole writing raps but he couldn’t read it
say he’s just a troll and i shouldn’t feed it
nah his raps suck d~ck
i want him to see this
yeah you’re gettin’ views, but i’m lookin’ at them dislikes
run up on me, i’ma show you what my d~ck taste like

i didn’t really mean that last one
i’m not g~y, i think

[verse 2]
fightin’ your teddy bear
then you broke your camera
shortly after you woke up your nana
now you’re p~ssed off at roblox because they banned ya
makin’ vids about me?
i think you’re a fan of