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lirik lagu feanor – the epic of gilgamesh, pt.1


wise king, with a heart of steel
captive of beauty, and the need to feel
two thirds god, remaining a man
rejoiced in flesh, night and day
adad gave him, the courage to win
to anu to ishtar, i shall bend my knee
on uruk, my walls, my stand, never flee
with shamash the sun, no forbidden deeds!

we’re here to proclaim, his name to the world
he was a man, (to whom) all the things were known
he knew the secrets, from before the flood
he went on a journey, to carve his adventures on stone
no match for his power, no match for his l~st
only one life, which passes too fast
never regret, never look back took it all
rejoice on l~st, only one life to live at last

merged into the madness of love
the line between reality and dreams
fades and i cannot stop
living on a whirlwind of sin

gods, bring me more
i need to feed
my hunger for flesh
i am living on a whirlwind of sin
the council of the gods
heard the lamentation of (the) world
and decided to stop
creating an equal to the king

a pinch of clay
a drop of heavens
born “the rough”

into the wild, living with the animals
became a man, possess her like a fierce beast!
after a while, emerged from the forest
with her smell on my lips

open your walls, face me on a (single) combat
no turning back, prove your value to me
i swear to walk, beside you like a brother
bounding our destiny

the quest:
come my dear friend, enkidu the rough
our names will endure for eons
is time to strike, shamash at our side
humbaba will fall to the ground
bring the anshan bow, my axe of heroes
before us the mountain to climb
we will conquer the creature, his life, has no future
come with me to ninsun!
death of enkidu:
come my dear brother, let’s conquer the flesh
we’re hounded by friendship and steel
my hand’s strength, my sword on the belt
you were the axe and my shield
mourning with fury, you are taken from me
i’ll offer great gift to the gods
and cursed alone, as was foretold
i’ll find you on the other side!!!