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lirik lagu agallah & sadat x – the gods have arrived


[intro: agallah]
i tried tellin’ you
you can’t forge
real relationships
agallah, sadat x, man, this is real
this is hot respect
for one another
new york city (yo, yo)

[verse 1: agallah]
(hey yo) it ain’t nothin’ like the early 90s
before the shiny suits (yea)
we was all like grimy
and i was clubbin’, heavy sneakin’ up in all the spots
around the time i met sadat
brand nubian was hot
enough respect we had was always mutual
the honor was beautiful
something you hope is true to you
i ain’t got a favorite rapper, but yo, i’m ridin’ with him
and when he got liked, i wish i was on riker’s island with him

the gods havе arrived and stayin’ in competition
droppin’ high sciencе algorithm, we on a mission
and punks jump up, yea i put that mack clip in
good riddance when i’m slidin’ off the [?]
and f~ck that industry talk, this a real one
if we gotta get busy, yea son, i’ll let you feel somethin’
family for life, listen. let’s keep it a million
i’m civilized, god, but i will smack a civilian
for real one
[interlude: sadat x]
yea. wow. that was hot fire ag
now we activated. uh, let me think back
i’ve known ag for a long time, like when i was in the bronx
and then when i was over there on riverside drive
but even before then when i was on harlem and 120th street
ah, man

[verse 2: sadat x]
look at this sh~t here, it paid off
knowin’ him back then, when his name was adolf (i’m swagallah)
alias of brad pitt, you may not like the man
but you can never doubt his gift
{pete samborg griffin?] had a high hat and drums
and i sit back in amazement at what the beat becomes
he was at my crib in harlem when i lived with [?]
diplomat affiliated, purple city to y’all
n~ggas only [?] when i lived on riverside drive
but i got arrested with the [?] with the best coke alive

we was always connected, our talents we always respected
he may be a little high strung
but you can never doubt the fire that he brung
it was only a matter of time before we connected in rhyme
we gotta deal with fat beats, get paid on they dime
so, check this out, i’m introducing the squad
agallah, dot x, the god
[outro: sadat x, sadat x & agallah, agallah]
understand this is a gift to the world for you my man
in your ghetto girl
like that, y’all

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