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lirik lagu olivia chaney – bogeyman


who is the bogey man
is he in my head?
is he something just outside
waiting at the edge
like an old wound that fails to heal;
a terror we dare not reveal

why is the bad dream
back under my bed?
i’m afraid of the dark
in childhood sweat
oh please be kind, fair daemon
whether you’re real or part of a master plan

are you just equivocal faith?
just the part we do not want to face
that we’re running from eternally
in vain hopes of bеing set free

why is the bogey man
in my bеd
putting fear in my body and my head
like old wounds we daren’t reveal
part of ourselves we keep concealed
are you just the fabric of our doubts?
deep, dark desire within us and without
taste of panic, light and shade
whistling last leaves
north and south

oh he haunts you best
as he goes unseen
inherited myth
or a hidden horror scene
but we all know where he resides
the troubled guest refusing to leave

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