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lirik lagu class_sick – quiet noises


oh man, where do i start
i’m still learning to deal with my emotions if i’m being honest
i really struggle with opening up and vulnerability in general
i learned for me, the best way to communicate is through music
and so, when i need to get something off my chest, i put the pen to the pad and let my heart spill
i just hope you’re listening when i speak
this is deeper than music
it’s class_sick

first, before i speak, rest in peace to lil c
more than a big homie, you was family to me
it’s crazy to even think that we was linking up that week to talk about these dreams
now, i’m in disbelief
i can’t believe you’re gone
we have visions of getting on
i wish we did them songs
don’t want to be left alone, but i’m more comfortable on my own
i’m definitely out of my zone
barely alive, still stringing along
it is my pride that’s keeping me strong
y’all don’t understand what i’m going through
this pain i ain’t been showing you
crying in the mirror asking what happened to the old you
hate, love, that’s the cold truth
despising what controls you
f~ck friends and foes too
associates, yeah those who acting like they know you
these demons they can grow to
manipulate your powers
learn to appreciate these hours
don’t hesitate to give out flowers
in the amenta we take what’s ours
and i die like a man before
i live the life of a coward
ayy word to my mama
her baby boy is a problem
take these middle fingers, your honor
my only focus is commas
travel out to guam or dubai to ride them llamas
perks of being your own boss
always doing what you wanna, but beware of the drama
don’t end up broken hearted
losing all your marbles
wishing this life never started
county jail to pearly gates
god won’t get you pardoned
how you shooting like you kobe, but you guarding like you harden
in the streets a soldier
now a veteran who is hardened
praying for protection from weapons
is so oppressive
this depression is majestic
when you figure a way to finesse it
put the vest up it’s impressive
how the negative can affect us
greeds infection breeds neglection
these investors scamming to bless us
control your anger or watch it fester
compilations of complicated confrontations
contemplated conversations
reek of hatred
can’t avoid the matrix
i know some of y’all can’t stand me
you can keep the grammy
i just wanna hug my granny
be a better man for my family
put a bunch of food in my pantry
i’m that dude when i drive a bentley
i’m in my mood so please don’t tempt me
back up give me 10 feet
mentally i’m on empty
fuel for my enemies
but it won’t negate my energy
i’m the monster they pretend to be
namaste to my inner g
i’ma be the same to the death of me
but this frown that’s on my face
says i’m drowning in the waves
grounded by my faith
and i’m astounded by the grace
i found why i’m awake
because i’m bound to be a great
until i’m dead inside my grave
so this crowning cannot wait
still i question what my purpose is
tell cole i’m the perfect fit
until my darkness surfaces
my dreams will cause the earth to shift
imagine this
the worst of gifts
class_sick soul to quit
wonder if i feel the weight upon my shoulders lift
sincerely, a grown man
nothing more than a soulless kid

shout out to my angels

we’ve been through h~ll and back haven’t we

somebody sent me a plaque one time that said
if you’re going through h~ll, why stop there

i mean think about it

if you’re going through h~ll, why stop there??

you in h~ll!!


keep going

i just could not see myself not being successful

and so since i was already at my lowest point
how much lower can i go
i figured if i quit, i’d go lower than that
i didn’t need that
you go, man why did this happen
because life ain’t fair
but life ain’t fair to n0body

you just gotta fight through man
you gotta fight back

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