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lirik lagu aaron connor – white gtr


sample from 13 maj by annamelina

ima die tonight, so i can live tomorrow
i know whats coming so please don’t sorrow
lost my mind at the age of 3
plus my brain fried from half the sh-t i seen
fountain of youth
stream of codeine
mountain of white
piling on me
boutta head out with the homies
got the addy to the mansion party
and my wifey riding p-ssenger seat
but when i arrived it didn’t please me
i seen some people that dont f-ck with me
so i dipped through the back with my car keys
turn on the whip dip to the hills
hope they dont follow me
cause im off a pill
white gtr switching lanes
3 cars behind me
now im going insane
white gtr gets h-t
white gtr does a couple flips
white gtr crashes the post
white gtr all up in smoke
managed to get out
n-body saw
got inside another car
then we smashed out
and thats how i faked my death