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lirik lagu 50 cent – it’s all good


all ya’ll n-gg-s in the club
tryna get in my place? (it’s
all good)
f you think i’m gonna take you anywhere,get outta my face but it’s all good
you love me more no!! but it’s all good
leave me alone but it’s all good

yo i been kidnapped,carjacked
hands tied behind my back
but other than that it’s all good
i’ve been from this hood
i’m a motherf-ckin pest a pest from the west n-gg-s be callin me all up in my game people be suckin my d-ck while i’m bringin the pain
missy and milessa all up in my grill
missy: n-gg-, you think i’m playing? 50 u need to chill
50:people they come and they go
i’m from the wild wild west let’s do the rodeo