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lirik lagu kathy mattea – clown in your rodeo


hey there little cactus flower your ways are sharper than a knife
and they cause the heart to bleed
you think that love is flower well baby you abused the right to rule over me
cause love should keep you feeling warm and all right
but when i’m close to you i just get frostbite

i ain’t gonna be the clown in your rodeo i ain’t gonna be the freak in your fair
i ain’t gonna be the floor for your do-si-do
no baby gonna dust you off and ride on out of here

hey there little bronco buster
did you think you had me trained to meet your every whim
well hand me my feather duster
i’m cleaning house i’ll end the game before my heart starts caving in
cause this love affair has taken me through h-ll some
now i believe that i’ve worn out my welcome

i ain’t gonna be the clown…
[ dobro – fiddle ]
cause love should keep…
i ain’t gonna be the clown…